Sunday, August 2, 2009

Back 2 School ALREADY???

seriously??? it's august???
my husband teaches honors physics and he goes back august 18th. everywhere i go there are college sales for the dorm room going on. summer always flies too fast.
the goal over august is to continue to stock up the shop! the goal and focus of my blog will be to show you ways to use luggage for school and everyday life! if you're a teacher, a homeschool mother, a freshman. sophomore, junior or senior at BOTH college AND high school! a crafter? do you own your own etsy shop? i'm here to help with your storage solutions and add some fun and personality to your spaces and for when you travel.
so check back often....... here comes fallllllllll
GRSG OUT friends!


  1. Yes, summer is not yet over but back to school and fall accessories are on people's mind. I already stocked up on corduroy for my fall collection of purses.
    You have so many fantastic items in your shop that would be perfect for carrying books, laptops and more. Wishing you many sales Rachel!!

  2. Yep. Crazy. They started school here in the city TODAY! As I drove to the dentist this morning I passed a school bus and drove through a school zone. Unbelievable. My kids (county) start next week.