Saturday, August 22, 2009

Levi Weaver MERCH Case Part BEGIN

so far, SO fun.......

after this next part i had to put the utensils down because my forearm was pulsating and my hand was frozen like the claw.....

artwork to commence this evening with the appropriate music T.B.D.
have you still not listened to Levi's music????
get to it, go on now
i will make it sooooooo super easy


  1. I listened...and boy am I in LOVE! That is one of my favorite genres of music..that indefinable quality he has that you speak of...reminds me of a guy from my hometown--Kenny Tompkins. You should look him up on you-tube,you'd love him!

  2. My speakers are not connected, actually they fell behind my desk a while back and they have been there ever since, so I can't listen to music. One of these days I'll retrieve them. lol

    Amazing case you are working on. Beautiful intricate work. Don't forget to take breaks. Hope your forearm feels better now! :)