Monday, August 10, 2009


yes, that's 1 red wallet w/ ladybugs and a set of mushrooms:), 1 orange pebbled soft side samsonite suitcase with crow and skeleton keys, 1 olive green featherlite train case w/ dandelions on it and 1 caramel brown soft as butter purse with a crow on it!

next up we have 1 soft as butter sand colored purse w/ 2 small mushrooms on it, 1 dark cranberry messenger w/ a white leaf, 1 cocoa brown messenger purse with a black octopus and 1 cherry red purse w/ a bow and kaleidoscope flowers!

words cannot express these next 2. THEY MATCH- THEY ARE EUROPEAN VINTAGE AND THEY ARE IN MINT CONDITION! 1 is cherry red and the other is jet black!

some plain pieces for your consideration.... 1 caramel brown vegan portfolio briefcase, 1 sweet olive green vintage bag that says "brendan tours" on both sides, 1 navy blue messenger perfect for school and 1 mustard yellow giant suitcase with orange and yellow stripes, 2 wheels and a pull handle!

above is 4 shots of an ANTIQUE Seafoam Circular Suitcase. A most fabulous photo prop, use for home decor & storage. it's ABSOLUTELY Stunnnnnnning:)

a few more blank pieces for your consideration.... 1 cherry messenger purse, 1 dark marine blue messenger with a marble to it & a buckle, 1 cobalt blue messenger from samsonite and 1 cherry red amelia earhart tote.

Remember, this is just a preview- my garage is jammmmmmmmm packed with much more blank cases and bags so shoot me a convo on etsy or an email here:
let's get ready to Kick off this new year with a rockin travel BANG!
later my friends:)


  1. looks great! I love the mushrooms on the wallet!

  2. I don't know whether to say HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT or MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE :) eeeeeeek!!

  3. Gasp!!I am LOVING number 18. put an elephant on it and I could just die!
    Do you ever do trades,rachel?

  4. I so need one of these for my laptop, I am
    digging the skeleton keys.
    Maybe I could get you to do one of our skulls,
    maybe? Hmmmm.

  5. Ooooh! That circular suitcase reminds me of this case my mom had that held my hairdryer as a kid. It was one of those old timey ones that put a bag over your head and had a long tube running to the heating/blowing apparatus.
    Now that I think of it, kids today would probably think its some sort of torture device!
    Had to share that bit of randomness. Your fall collection looks STUPENDOUS! (That's the new word of the week, spread it like wild fire ;)
    ~Stacey of CreaShines

  6. So many goodies. These are all incredible and I want them ALL!! I noticed the custom order in your shop for Lillyella and was blown away by that too. What a unique idea.