Tuesday, September 30, 2008

9 days, no post & cat power

i'm too tired to write but check out this old skool photo- to me this is joy!

more soon.... i promise

Sunday, September 21, 2008


listening to the new radiohead album and a bit of o.k. computer mixed in while pondering what to blog o blog about- when i should be sleeping- but i need my radiohead fix and my insomniac brain must move forward.....

they are like those clear plastic steriline boxes for crafting supplies... ON CRACK!

they look awesome wherever you put em' & you can fill them up with treasures- gypsy treasures, colored pencils, buttons, beads, spools of thread etc. just picture one of these pieces in your office or living room looking cool as cool can be and then opening it only to light up even more with what's inside. here's a visual.......

Friday, September 19, 2008


.....i mean really, if there is a guy in your life that you adore then get him something to show it!

the term "briefcase" doesn't have to be boring! my husband is a high school teacher- NO SMALL JOB, EVERYONE TAKE A MOMENT OF SILENCE TO GIVE HIM AN AIR HIGH-FIVE- and he carries his tie briefcase with him just about everywhere. people are constantly stopping & asking where in the world he got it?!?! it's cool when your high school physics teacher is so shockingly suave in the midst of his brilliant geekery- and don't be mistaken, GEEKERY is HOT! feast your eyes.....................

i leave the rest up to you......... i'm wiped and gotta list more sweet sweet luggage on ETSY!
good night to all

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Shop Got FEATURED!

Hard-shell vintage suitcases aren't hard to find in thrift shops, and their compact design makes them versatile pieces in the home. We've published a few ways to use them on AT...
• At the foot of the bed, use a vintage suitcase on a folding luggage rack or on top of a bench to hold extra blankets.
• Store out-of-season clothes in vintage suitcases underneath the bed or up high on a shelf to create more space in your closet.
• A stack of small, flat-topped suitcases can serve as a nightstand with built-in storage next to the bed.
• Take the top off a vintage suitcase and stuff it with a pillow for a DIY pet bed. Click here for the how-to.
• Pair a suitcase with legs to create unexpected furniture, like these chairs or this ottoman.
Let us know your ideas for repurposing vintage suitcases in the comments below.
Photo: Suitcases from Ready Set Go
Comments (15)

1. a vintage cosmetic bag works great as a sewing basket

2. i have been using my two vintage samsonite suitecases as a bedside table for years. it's a great storage system as they hold my winter clothes in the summer and my summer clothes in the winter.

3. I have a pair of 60s Samsonite suitcases in a lavender color with the prettiest pink satin interior. I use mine as.. suitcases! They're the perfect size for weekend trips! and much, much more stylish than anything else currently out there.

4. i've been meaning to buy a train case to serve as a key/wallet catchall for our landing strip.
5. I use a Tiara train case as a sewing basket. BTW, a nice coat of Armor-all really makes an old suitcase look good.

6. I'm totally insane about them.I have 3 stacked on a closet shelf storing linens. In the bedroom I have one for belts, one for hats, one for headbands, and 2 for sweaters. In the sewing room: 6 for fabric, and 2 trunks for fabric/bits&trims.

7. Use a large one to store wrapping paper, ribbons, bows, gift bags, and all your gift wrapping goodies.

8. I *just* saw pictures of vintage hard shell suitcases on a design blog and had an "aha" moment. I've been looking for a way to store old family photographs. I'm not a person who cares that they're in any order, especially as time goes by. When I saw the light blue Samsonite, it reminded me of family vacations and I thought it would be the perfect "box" storage for loose photographs.

9. Anthropologie has been using old suitcase as tables - attaching wooden legs to the bottom and painting them. I snapped a picture with my cellphone here:http://renovationtherapy.wordpress.com/2008/04/30/furnace-floor-financials-finalized/

10. design sprout shows how to use one to make a dog bed. so cute. basically buy an old dog bed that fits in there, cover with vintage blanket/afghan.. there you go. very cute.

11. My room mate in college was a graphic design major and she used her vintage suitcase to hold all her gorgeous work when she went on interviews. It made a great unique first impression.

12. I use a hard shell suitcase to store DVDs.

13. I have a few- one is an old tweed covered one that I've used to heighten my lamp on a side board, and the other one I'm using as a case for our turntable- it's a dj model, and I hate the way the cases look for those, so we drilled a few holes into a vintage blue samsonite I found on the street and voila- a stylish turntable case!

i get to be Mary Poppins

so i'm sitting in my "office" chair and the floor is literally covered in luggage, ribbon, scraps of duct tape, paint, inks of all sorts, scissors, glue, saran wrap, bubble wrap- a.k.a. the shipping supplies- and i'm editing photos of all the newest- the latest- the GREATEST of luggage to bring to the masses on ETSY and i'm about to pass out from the recent sales- i'm not complaining. no, i'm far too tired for that. i just glanced across the room to see what's pictured above and snapped a photo for this post.
that's MY BAG- sort of what got me started on this whole thing. should i start a story now? naw, i'm wiped but my bag is RED- my most favorite color of all- and inside, it's like being mary poppins for just a day! and the uses for luggage.... well my friends- THEY NEVER END!
more to come. nap to cat power and wait for a man to call me in the middle of the night so i can connect with some freight agents for a client in SINGAPORE! i never thought i'd be doing something so cool and weird all at once for a living. but i love it.

the first post....

WELCOME- to the inside of 1 crazy head bursting at the seams with creative ideas. i guess i will start out by posting this super cool blog someone wrote about the shop- wow, i never knew i were so cool- or maybe i thought i was but didn't know that others thought i was too! so this is where we jump off:

I Have A Crush On…A Couple of Upcyclers.
Upcycle - such a funny/silly/trendy word for taking something old and reinvigorating it. Remember when we used to just think of it as making something that was crappy & old — cool & new again? Ahh well, whatever you call it…I love it. Here’s a few of my recent Upcycle obsessions…
Vintage suitcases. I love a good train case and
Get Ready Set GO on Etsy has done some really fun graphic applications to old school suitcases. If my old-lady-back didn’t require a bag with wheels, I’d be all over these. Still, could be fun storage…

(many thanks 2 RenovationTherapy http://iloveupstate.com/ for writing such an awesome piece!)