Friday, March 12, 2010


it's been raining like no other for days here.
the change in barometric unfriendly pressure has been killing my head.
the above photo is me trying to re-charge with my macbook power chord and it's not working. i also realized that my eyes are so sickly and swelled from the headache that i look like i got bit by a wild spider. i am currently completely wiped out to my very core.
off to pound pound pound the water and the coffee.
i hope my head starts to get fixed up right really soon. i'm very much desiring to share this illness of the brain with everyone but i'm not sure how to go about it? soooo many details. such a long saga. where to begin and how much to share is where i get stumped.
i may just start.
but not until this throbbing goes away.
have a happy weekend kids:)
xo, rachel