Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Where have I been?

oh my, where have been and where do i start?????

i've been bustin' the lens on my camera (NOT on purpose), listening to Kashmir like mad, washi taping everything in sight, shooting photos of my little sis with awesome luggage, making a rad bag for urbansoule............ well, that's all the photos show but in truth that stuff has been a small, very small, teeny tiny little fraction of my life. where i've really been is in la-la land. i've been sick and had probably one of the roughest moths of my life. i wanna delve into more but i can't because guess what? i'm tired. blech! always tired. i will explain more but for now know that my mental well-being has been far from well. BUT, i am on the road to recovery, taking things slow. learning to be positive. mental illness is a nighmare and i plan to delve into it here. the blog is gonna be changing up for the next few months- maybe longer. i need to change it. i wanna help others and be completely honest about the trails i've been facing with prescription drugs, NONE of which i've ever abused. ALL of which i've just followed my dr.'s instructions on. for over 10 years now. but this train is stopping. i'm getting off. one by one and taper, taper, taper. i love you all. i am so thankful for your encouragements and well wishes. your comments, convos and emails have been TREMENDOUSLY helpful. thank you thank you. now really, my hands are sore, my arms are sore, my back is sore. stupid benzo detox...........
GRSG out kids!