Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lucky Lobes

look what I GOT! just take a gander......
like a kid in a candy shop with a smackdown of REBEL!


so the above earrings are from the fantastically talented AMY at
now, these are all going to be gifts- 3 for my mother, 1 for my awesome assistant who just bought herself a pair of rockin YELLOW vans. these treats are going to make my lovelies very happy. their LOBES ARE GONNA BE A SHOUTIN'!
if i could wear earrings these would be what i'd be wearing. but seriously, if you could see me these days...... i get so excited and frantically artistic that i actually run into walls when i move from room to room because i don't take the time to think about things spacially. knowing me i would get these things caught the latches of a new suitcase and probably rip off my entire lobe. oh wow, gettin to graphic.
who doesn't want a little color in their lives? these gems are fabulous for everyday or a night out. for adults and kids. they are dazzzzzzzling. they are NOT to eat but yo may find yourself attempting to put them in your mouth as it's watering for a jolly-rancher.
go buy
a pair for your mom, a pair for your best friend, and a pair for yourself!
because not only are these pieces GORGEOUS but they are affordable.
thank you amy, for making us all able to let our inner rockstar out at a price completely justifiable!

Monday, March 23, 2009

feeling faint....

do you ever feel like giving up?

on getting up, on moving forward? do you ever just lack the will?
and i'm not just talking about etsy. life on this earth in general can be a living hell.
so often feelings don't match up with the facts.
sometimes emotions hit you like a train barreling at a speed far too fast.
and it's so hard to separate what's legitimate and what's foolishness. i've got supportive people in my life, i've got soo much, i've been given more than enough but still i'm beaten down.
i'm not playing with a full deck right now so my emotions are ALL over the place. it's all i can do to hang on. the negative thoughts can be so dang invasive. in the front of my mind i know it's vital to keep the mentality of "this will pass" and "push forward"...... but what happens when lose your grip on these thoughts? i feel like i'm fumbling around for something in a pitch-black room- and on top of that i think i'm looking in the wrong room.
i feel like i've just come undone.
thank you EVERYONE for your support, for your CONSTANT friendship and encouragement, for the time you spend writing me a note here and there. for your life-giving love. i get overwhelmed when i can't pour out a fraction of what you've all given me. again, i stop and remind myself- that if i weren't me, and i was looking in on my situation i would tell me, don't worry- that's what friends are for. but we are always 10 times harder on ourselves right?
some photos- some old old old old photos.
(for the Anonymous person who keeps emailing me and telling me how i need to think about others and that i'm pouting and there are people more talented out there- please- just leave me alone. you don't know me, you only know what i choose to share on here and other places on the web- you only know a sliver of my life, of what i've been through, of the whole picture. so i beg you- please, just leave me be. hate me and think all the negative thoughts you want but do not share them with me. it's unbearable)

Sunday, March 22, 2009


seriously, i should NOT be allowed to make videoblogs! it's pathetic the amount of times i say ummmmm...... i hope you are laughing- i had to make this to show my pure idiocy!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

it's video time again.....

hi eveyone! no dance moves this time- sorry.
and to NestaHome i say when in reality it's
sorry about that friend:)
have a great rest of the weekend

Thursday, March 19, 2009


okay, so here are some things i think you should have, or that i think someone should buy for me. first up, supporting my home town is this SWEETASTIC 
from Citybird on etsy

then i must have a locket from this RAD shop i stumbled upon a couple weeks back
i thought i was going to get the red shutterbug one but lately it's looking like this guy may be the winner
by Locket2You on etsy

oh and then there is this bracelet- i can never own enough red jewelry and here's the other thing. i go into this shop and literally i want to eat everything i see. this jewelry shop has within it a red bracelet that makes my heart skip beats! also this girls metalwork makes me want to cry it's so good
by Smashing on etsy

happy thursday.
read a book, shop on etsy, listen to some good jams, drink a good cup of coffee and let the good things in your life sink in......

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

something REAL

i was going through some of my favorite photographer's work last night and it made me crave photographing something real. i thought i might jump out of my skin if i couldn't snap something soon..... something human and something with emotion behind it. i didn't know how i was going to go about it but my heart was in a headlock.
how do you capture pain?
how do you evoke it?
i figured out a way and who knew that these photos would tell the story of my evening.
here goes a long photographic tale. i will say nothing more- let the pictures speak for themselves.......

really hold on
real 4
real 9
real 12
real 11
real 1
real 5
real 8
real 7
real 3
real 2

Friday, March 13, 2009


alright so it's been a bit wackier than normal over here in the G.R.S.G. workspace. i've got slammed with a bunch of custom orders- which i LOVE but my brain was having a difficult time focusing because i had to channel all of my head on one thing at a time without thinking about the other.
anyways, i thought i would share......
descriptions to follow

wonderwoman train case blog

this WONDERWOMAN CASE i got to make for a little girl who loves superheroes- wonderwoman in particular:) i put a bunch of stars all over this case and then her initials on the back. the best part was that when i sent the photos of it to her mom she said her daughter was going to freak out and LOVE it. things like that fill my heart up with joy.

here's the next one, and i've only done the front....

jack skellington bag blog

so this bag is for a 16 year-old girl who came to me wanting to get her best friend a bag. and let me tell you she wanted it CUSTOMIZED to the MAX! i'm working on the back, which is going to have just as much, if not more, artwork as the front. apparently her friend is completely obsessed with the nightmare before christmas. at first i thought this was going to look like a huge mess but the more i think about it and look at it..... the more i think about being 16 and sporting this wicked bag around school the more excited i am for her friend to get this.
hope everyone is off to have an awesome weekend!
thanks for tuning in and another video to come soon when i don't look as though i've been hit by a semi!
-rachel out-

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Miss Misery.....

"do you miss me, miss misery like you say you do?"

i love elliott smith. i could just lie hear listening for days....
i'm sick of the drama- it's draining me and blocking my artistic flow.
so back to elliott and some photos i love
because i'm over talking about it
and i'm over thinking about it

"angel in the snow"

"bled white"

"figure 8"

it's all gonna
"bottle up and explode"
and so
"tomorrow tomorrow"
it's a
"question mark"
and i want so badly for
everybody to care & for everybody to understand.......

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


i'm wiped out and crashing from my high....
but it feels GOOD.
today was one of THE craziest days on ETSY i have EVER had
again, in a great way
i reached 300 sales just before the stroke of midnight.
and as excited as i am my mind can't shake this feeling, not that i want to at all, of being so grateful to all the people i've met on etsy. i seriously would have thrown in the towel soo very long ago had it not been for the people who support me in all that i do
those who boost me up when i'm down,
who are constant shots of energy and positive injections
into my veins.
i wouldn't be here, doing what i ABSOLUTELY adore doing if it weren't for these people.
the list is long long long and so for those of you i haven't gotten to thank personally this blog is for YOU.
i can only hope i will have the chance to return a sliver of the favor at some point in my life.
you ROCK my socks to the moon and BACK!
love, rachel

Friday, March 6, 2009


this weeks friday finds utter INSANITY............
seriously- i cannot believe i am posting this but it's friday so everyone needs to kick back, relax and bust out some good 80's moves!!!!
all in good fun i bring you a treat for the eyes and the ears


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Here Goes NOTHIN.....

okay, here is my first attempt to make video blog. it's all over the place but i'm thinking it's fun and for sure it's funny!
hope you enjoy me being og so strange......