Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lucky Lobes

look what I GOT! just take a gander......
like a kid in a candy shop with a smackdown of REBEL!


so the above earrings are from the fantastically talented AMY at
now, these are all going to be gifts- 3 for my mother, 1 for my awesome assistant who just bought herself a pair of rockin YELLOW vans. these treats are going to make my lovelies very happy. their LOBES ARE GONNA BE A SHOUTIN'!
if i could wear earrings these would be what i'd be wearing. but seriously, if you could see me these days...... i get so excited and frantically artistic that i actually run into walls when i move from room to room because i don't take the time to think about things spacially. knowing me i would get these things caught the latches of a new suitcase and probably rip off my entire lobe. oh wow, gettin to graphic.
who doesn't want a little color in their lives? these gems are fabulous for everyday or a night out. for adults and kids. they are dazzzzzzzling. they are NOT to eat but yo may find yourself attempting to put them in your mouth as it's watering for a jolly-rancher.
go buy
a pair for your mom, a pair for your best friend, and a pair for yourself!
because not only are these pieces GORGEOUS but they are affordable.
thank you amy, for making us all able to let our inner rockstar out at a price completely justifiable!


  1. I'm a big fan of hers too! I really love those yellow ones!!