Friday, March 13, 2009


alright so it's been a bit wackier than normal over here in the G.R.S.G. workspace. i've got slammed with a bunch of custom orders- which i LOVE but my brain was having a difficult time focusing because i had to channel all of my head on one thing at a time without thinking about the other.
anyways, i thought i would share......
descriptions to follow

wonderwoman train case blog

this WONDERWOMAN CASE i got to make for a little girl who loves superheroes- wonderwoman in particular:) i put a bunch of stars all over this case and then her initials on the back. the best part was that when i sent the photos of it to her mom she said her daughter was going to freak out and LOVE it. things like that fill my heart up with joy.

here's the next one, and i've only done the front....

jack skellington bag blog

so this bag is for a 16 year-old girl who came to me wanting to get her best friend a bag. and let me tell you she wanted it CUSTOMIZED to the MAX! i'm working on the back, which is going to have just as much, if not more, artwork as the front. apparently her friend is completely obsessed with the nightmare before christmas. at first i thought this was going to look like a huge mess but the more i think about it and look at it..... the more i think about being 16 and sporting this wicked bag around school the more excited i am for her friend to get this.
hope everyone is off to have an awesome weekend!
thanks for tuning in and another video to come soon when i don't look as though i've been hit by a semi!
-rachel out-


  1. wowsa - you are a rock star!!!

  2. OMG!!! And I don't use abbreviations lightly :) The Wonder bag, Jack, I"m flippin out!! AWESOME!!

    Now what for my custom bag....

  3. VERY VERY Detailed, and perfectly executed!