Tuesday, March 17, 2009

something REAL

i was going through some of my favorite photographer's work last night and it made me crave photographing something real. i thought i might jump out of my skin if i couldn't snap something soon..... something human and something with emotion behind it. i didn't know how i was going to go about it but my heart was in a headlock.
how do you capture pain?
how do you evoke it?
i figured out a way and who knew that these photos would tell the story of my evening.
here goes a long photographic tale. i will say nothing more- let the pictures speak for themselves.......

really hold on
real 4
real 9
real 12
real 11
real 1
real 5
real 8
real 7
real 3
real 2


  1. these are beautiful but they make me want to just hug her... I certainly hope those aren't real tears... that 3rd from the bottom is excellent.

  2. that's lovely work, rachel, well done.

  3. I don't even have words to explain how cool these are. As I was looking through, I thought - this one is my favorite, but then I'd even better one, and then again. The last one just blew me away.

  4. Rachel...what can I say....evoked loads of emotions...moved me to the pit of my soul...
    awesome, artistic, touching, beautiful, absolutely stunning...and very REAL!!!