Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Shop Got FEATURED!

Hard-shell vintage suitcases aren't hard to find in thrift shops, and their compact design makes them versatile pieces in the home. We've published a few ways to use them on AT...
• At the foot of the bed, use a vintage suitcase on a folding luggage rack or on top of a bench to hold extra blankets.
• Store out-of-season clothes in vintage suitcases underneath the bed or up high on a shelf to create more space in your closet.
• A stack of small, flat-topped suitcases can serve as a nightstand with built-in storage next to the bed.
• Take the top off a vintage suitcase and stuff it with a pillow for a DIY pet bed. Click here for the how-to.
• Pair a suitcase with legs to create unexpected furniture, like these chairs or this ottoman.
Let us know your ideas for repurposing vintage suitcases in the comments below.
Photo: Suitcases from Ready Set Go
Comments (15)

1. a vintage cosmetic bag works great as a sewing basket

2. i have been using my two vintage samsonite suitecases as a bedside table for years. it's a great storage system as they hold my winter clothes in the summer and my summer clothes in the winter.

3. I have a pair of 60s Samsonite suitcases in a lavender color with the prettiest pink satin interior. I use mine as.. suitcases! They're the perfect size for weekend trips! and much, much more stylish than anything else currently out there.

4. i've been meaning to buy a train case to serve as a key/wallet catchall for our landing strip.
5. I use a Tiara train case as a sewing basket. BTW, a nice coat of Armor-all really makes an old suitcase look good.

6. I'm totally insane about them.I have 3 stacked on a closet shelf storing linens. In the bedroom I have one for belts, one for hats, one for headbands, and 2 for sweaters. In the sewing room: 6 for fabric, and 2 trunks for fabric/bits&trims.

7. Use a large one to store wrapping paper, ribbons, bows, gift bags, and all your gift wrapping goodies.

8. I *just* saw pictures of vintage hard shell suitcases on a design blog and had an "aha" moment. I've been looking for a way to store old family photographs. I'm not a person who cares that they're in any order, especially as time goes by. When I saw the light blue Samsonite, it reminded me of family vacations and I thought it would be the perfect "box" storage for loose photographs.

9. Anthropologie has been using old suitcase as tables - attaching wooden legs to the bottom and painting them. I snapped a picture with my cellphone here:

10. design sprout shows how to use one to make a dog bed. so cute. basically buy an old dog bed that fits in there, cover with vintage blanket/afghan.. there you go. very cute.

11. My room mate in college was a graphic design major and she used her vintage suitcase to hold all her gorgeous work when she went on interviews. It made a great unique first impression.

12. I use a hard shell suitcase to store DVDs.

13. I have a few- one is an old tweed covered one that I've used to heighten my lamp on a side board, and the other one I'm using as a case for our turntable- it's a dj model, and I hate the way the cases look for those, so we drilled a few holes into a vintage blue samsonite I found on the street and voila- a stylish turntable case!

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  1. OMGosh! I can't believe there is someone out here who loves suitcases just as much as I do! LOL I don't want to part w/mine but I have a basement full...and it's ready to burst at the seams! LOL

    My fantasy is that a major Hollywood producer will contact me and want to use my pieces as props in a production... LOL

    All the best.. you bags are G-R-E-A-T-T! I am adding you onto my blog posse!