Wednesday, September 17, 2008

i get to be Mary Poppins

so i'm sitting in my "office" chair and the floor is literally covered in luggage, ribbon, scraps of duct tape, paint, inks of all sorts, scissors, glue, saran wrap, bubble wrap- a.k.a. the shipping supplies- and i'm editing photos of all the newest- the latest- the GREATEST of luggage to bring to the masses on ETSY and i'm about to pass out from the recent sales- i'm not complaining. no, i'm far too tired for that. i just glanced across the room to see what's pictured above and snapped a photo for this post.
that's MY BAG- sort of what got me started on this whole thing. should i start a story now? naw, i'm wiped but my bag is RED- my most favorite color of all- and inside, it's like being mary poppins for just a day! and the uses for luggage.... well my friends- THEY NEVER END!
more to come. nap to cat power and wait for a man to call me in the middle of the night so i can connect with some freight agents for a client in SINGAPORE! i never thought i'd be doing something so cool and weird all at once for a living. but i love it.

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