Thursday, August 20, 2009

MERCH Case Part Levi Weaver

second merch case is being made....
and i couldn't more excited.
i cannot remember how i got to talking with levi. it was quite some time ago- at least 5 years i want to say??? and yes, it was over the internet. random but not so much any more. i've watched him over the years make phenomenal music and tour with other talented musicians- imogen heap is the one that comes to the front of my mind. he's unique and one of my favorite things about his music is that it cannot be put into a genre- at least i refuse to believe so. he is folk, electronic, indie, dare i say bluegrass? i can't explain his music but it's the kind that moves and has a somewhat magical quality to it. you guys know i can gush about things i tuly enjoy but i will bite my tongue and

STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to listen to his music- i am STUCK STUCK STUCK on
"We're Tornadoes When We Dance"
soooo, moving forward......
i suggested my making him a merch case and he was game.
we got a rough mock-up and drawing shall begin very soon

in the words of Levi
"it's going to be SHARP!"
it's also going to be RAD!
who me?

GRSG out kids!
(photos of case in progress to come)


  1. I absolutely LOVE the case posted above!! Look forward to seeing what you have in progress!

  2. I just listened to "We are tornados when we dance" WOW incredible! I will be checking out more of this Levi Weaver fellow :) Looks like a cool project. You rock!