Monday, June 1, 2009

Bats N Birthdays.....

A. don't tell me that girls can't rock the bat bag? cause caroline is up there looking pretty darn FANTASTIC with that picece of red hotness hangin across her body.
you can find it in the shop or just continue to drool here....
B. i was notified today by the talented & awesome KRISTIN FRIESEN over at
{Sweeter Than Me}
(please check out her shop & her sale!!!)
that my 1 year etsy-versary is on the 12th of THIS MONTH!
i had no idea that was coming- but i managed to round up the troops and i've got some super serious sweetastical plans for the big day! and i'm not a fan of the one day birthday so we're gonna get this party started early. monday, june 8th, the games are ON! they will go till friday- the 12th, which is MY ACTUAL etsy-versary- until midnight.

not only will there be a SALE in my shop BUT there will also be a SUPER SWEET GIFT that is going to be given away WITH EVERY PURCHASE- a gift that has been donated by another shop. i'm not telling you whose shop just yet. where's the fun in that?
so clap your hands and say yeah- cuz we are going to have a really fun week.

p.s.- i'm trying to load up the shop in the next few days w/ great fathers day gifts-camera bags etc. so be sure to head over and tell all your friends
later all!


  1. I loooove that bright shade of red! Congrats on your etsyversary!

  2. I love the bat bag! Can't wait to see what you are cooking up for your Etsy Anniversary. Congrats!!!