Wednesday, June 17, 2009

1 Sick Vacation

i am not big on shooting flowers. they are pretty, they smell wonderful and they are fascinating but i am never drawn to photograph them. the reasons why are too long and boring to list.

this past week we've spent our "vacation" on the water of st. pete with my family ( i think it's more of sick leave for me). my dad thought it would be cool for me to take a photo of this flower that he loves every day as it bursts open. i've only taken one photo- haven't made it out there since sunday- but as i was lookin over my pictures this one struck me. it's a picture of how i'm feeling......
i was SOOO ready to kick back and relax this week. instead i'm barely able to move from one room to another.

and now i feel ready to burst.
i can't draw, i can't take pictures, typing is e
i found this quote in my journal and i don't remember where it's from but it seemed fitting.
so, in someone else's words, here it is:
"i have never been an ordinary artist, for as long as i can remember i have made sense of things on paper. i sketch images that run so close to the edges of the page, they are in danger of falling off. and sometimes things are revealed in my drawings that i do not understand. when i look back at my drawings from when i was a child i am always surprised. i have sketched things i should not have known, secrets that have been revealed. when people see my drawings they seem fascinated. they ask me if i know what these things mean, but i never do. i can draw the image, but people have to face their own demons."


  1. Oh Rachel you poor girl. That's not fair that your sick on your vacation, Is It. Hope you feel better soon..Kathi

  2. Love the quote you found Rachel. It really had me thinking. I know you are itching to work but you must get some rest. Vitamin C and rest, rest, rest. Hoping you feel better very soon!

  3. Oh girl I feel your pain, we are down in Dewey Beach for the week, for one day I was able to soak in the sun, but day four oh god I have a UTI, horrible, im stuck in doors in the rain drinking tons of water and stupid Azeo tablets and I it is horrible. I hope you feel better soon, hopefully the sun will come out or this darn infection will go away.

  4. I hope your feeling better soon...being out of commission sucks!

  5. The photo is exquisite. I have those flowers all around my home. Like your dad, they are one of my favorites. I think that photo symbolizes where you are in your life, chica. A young woman, whose just beginning to bloom and is already exquisitely beautiful, bursting with vibrance and promise.

    feel better...xo