Tuesday, June 16, 2009

ANATOMY of a Blue Bat Case

i am on vacation. well, visiting a portion of my family across the state. 3 hours from all of my baggage so to speak.
i've had a wicked fever, cold and sore throat since late friday night- not ideal for my week off.
been working on this new train case for the shop- or possibly my brother because it doesn't seem my buyers are much interested in the bat- though i must say- i'm obsessed with it and so is he.

i finally was able to get out of bed today and snap some shots of my brother and this new case. the light was supreme, the camera felt like it weighed 10lbs. because i am so weak from the illness that has been ravaging my insides for the past 4 days. i quickly got back into bed and fell asleep. i've been napping like crazy but it's never the kind where you wake up feeling rested.

the etsy-versary last week was a HUGE success and my head is still swimming in a pool of love that rained down on me and the shop.
does thank you ever get old? is thank you even enough? i don't feel like it is. but i never will be satisfied with the amount of love i attempt to return. i just wasn't built that way.
i've got new ideas brewing for the shop but that's nothing new. i know it's summer but i feel it's end approaching fast. so i'm hitting the brakes.
more medicine to digest, more tea to drink, more restless naps to be taken.


  1. I personally like the bat luggage. :)

    Sorry to hear that you are sick. Try a lot of orange juice, it always seems to work for me. Get Well Soon so you can Get Ready Set Go!
    Wishing you a speedy recovery, lots of sales and lots of happiness.

  2. I ALWAYS get sick when I take a vacation. Says something about stress and relaxation. Get better! xo Brenda