Sunday, January 4, 2009


2 choices i have, perhaps 3
what to do, what to do?
i thought that when 2009 hit the answer would drop like a bomb into my lap- no such luck.
but i don't believe in luck.
i wish my head was as organized and clear as this photo

i worked so hard to open my own photography business- 2 years of clicking my heels and digging my hands into the water and mud. then i found a place to put my stuff. a place for my photos, my knitting and now an exhorbitant (sp?) amount of luggage. but my rapidly fraying rope gave out in december and here i am. new year, new start, NO CLUE!!!!!!!!!

i want to curl my fingers around the answer, around the decision, around and around.
but all i've got right now is bright red palms, fingertips stretched out to the ends of this earth and sticky joints.
but hey- this light and window is cool looking right?
someone, please, draw all of my lines.....


  1. Your lines are drawn...keep will find...the clues will come...the answers are ya!!

  2. maybe you should move to brooklyn. wait.. you already live there - duh! :P
    happy 2009 girlfriend! maybe try some shrooms and see if the answers 'come' to you hahaha

  3. me again :)
    tagged you!