Tuesday, January 13, 2009


hey hey hey!!!
i got an email from the creative & nicest nicey rikrak of
she was writing to let me know she is going to feature me in her blog. the challenge she extended was a creative challenge indeed.
here were the guidelines:
"choose 4 things that most inspire your art or craft. the things will need to be in image form (a photo or drawing or some sort of visual jpg) ...it might be a material. it might be an idea: like patterns. it might be a colour. it might be a tool. it might be a song, a person, a shape, etc.. then explain why"
here are my 4 photos and answers
i'm looking forward to see what she does with it all:

1.Red Letters Case because the COLOR of my case & the WORDS because language gives all an outlet to artistically express and move the soul

2. POSSIBILITY because that is ENDLESS & this photo is of my sister, my flesh and blood, the ties that bind astound me

3. MUSIC Express HER because music inspires me minute by minute. this is taken of my best friend. the pain in her eyes represents the daily struggles of life, her expression looks of someone in anguish but who is emotionally purging. it's cathartic.

4. Pick-up & JUMP because that is what i want to do. to just give all of my heart to those around me. to pick up myself and jump off to a place of giving it all away.....

5. i didn't get to use this last photo- it was up in the running but didn't make the final cut.
this photo is youth, color, light, childhood, the dreams i had in the magic black of the night


  1. You're awesome :) And seeing what inspires you constantly keeps me in awe.

  2. Rach, does it get any better than this? Man, if I could write and express myself like you do!
    What a dream I have of being able to!!
    Awesome! Incredible! No holds barr...no holding back...complete and utter honest expression...I am loving this! :)

  3. Love this glimpse into your creative brain. I especially love and respect what you say about music, and I agree.