Saturday, January 17, 2009

CusTomiZing CASES.....

i don't have all that much to report but what i've got is GOOD!

the whitty, talented, jewelry wizardess (and yes, i
believe i just made that word up)
Amy of
bought this fabulous LIME GREEN train case from
my shop last week. together we picked out a most
gorgeous design to add a bit of a kick with a side of
feminine! now, i just steered her to a few places to find
a design but ultimately she chose this unique image.
i cannot wait for her to receive this bad actor!
it's going to look so majestic sittin' pretty
in her studio apartment
a place i would love to be right now
sippin tea and sharing laughs
man, i LOVE my job
i get to draw in my pajamas
in my cozy office
elliott smith blastin' from my ipod dock
with a warm cup of coffee to sip on

now kids, go to amy's shop and buy yourself
some jewelry!!!!
go on now..........
or tell someone in your life who
may be buying you a valentine's day gift
that you want something from her shop.
smooch to you amy:)
and to everyone else of course.
here's my favorite piece from amy's shop right now.....


  1. Oh my GOODNESS, you crack me up!! You did a most stellar job on my case!! I truly can't believe you freehand and will forever be in awe of your talent and prowess!!


  2. What a pair, you two! Loving the olive green theme. :)

  3. awesome. maybe my next purchase will have to be a train case....

    this is NOT good for my spend-less new year's resolution! :)