Wednesday, January 7, 2009


okay so i've been tagged but the talented and hilarious Lillyella to share some random facts about myself.

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i'm up for playing so here it goes.....

1. i have a nose ring and 2 small star tatooes 1 in each ditch of my arms. what's a ditch you ask? it's like your elbow pit- right below the bend line of the inside of my arm- the highest point of my forearm basically.

2. i have anxiety issues and am thankful for knitting. i seriously went through a period in my life where i was incapable of focusing on anything other than my anxiety and that's when i found knitting- the most cathartic thing EVER! i literally don't think i would have gotten through back then without it. oh yes, i'm ocd too but i like that part:)

3. i never graduated from college. i was torn between my focus being pre-med or art. talk about polar opposites! i was taking both psychology classes and drawing classes at the same time and decided i was never gonna finish or commit to one. i ended up reading through all of my abnormal psych book after i finished the class and still do lots of research and reading on the web- but i would never want to be a doctor. people and their minds just FASCINATE ME SO VERY MUCH!

4. i am left-handed

5. music music music music is life-giving. i NEVER EVER listen to the radio- i despise it in fact. people always say "you know that song on the radio" and really i don't because i ABSOLUTELY REFUSE TO LISTEN TO IT! i don't even know stations.

6. i hate tv BUT i love tv on dvd- only on dvd. my favorites include 24 and Felicity- oh i love felicity and jack bauer is so freaking stealth and hardcore i can't take it. also, i want david palmer to be president. enough with the all-state commercials- run for pres already!

okay, that was fun.
now i gotta tag 6 people? here they are.... i'm off to let them know
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  1. Ummmmm..... "my favorites include 24 and Felicity"......


  2. yay! Thanks for playing ~
    I never finished college either and for another polar opposite - I was torn between graphic design and genetic engineering!
    and I have a star tatoo :)

  3. My former comment was said for the "friends" part of my heart that died when these shows ranked higher! *hurt*!!

    But seriously, I really love all that you shared here. Some things even I haven't found out about yet! And a left, eh??

  4. so...i did mine already! thanks, this was fun!


  5. Well now, you learn something new every day...never knew you didn't finish college, u r
    sooo intellectual, I would have never guessed..
    great blog Rach, loved reading and learning more about you!

  6. Pre-med or art? I had a friend who was thinking of doing illustrations for medical books. But she ended up going the doctor route. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Awwwww. I totally have anxiety issues too! Which makes working home alone all day with tons of time to think (worry) a total challenge :)

    If you ever need to vent I'm here sista!!! all day... at the computer... probably worrying about something lame!