Thursday, December 25, 2008

happy joy merry go round my mind

here is my christmas post
1. i'm feeling quite neurotic as of late so i couldn't help but shoot this
tin of mints that my father had in the office

2. i knitted this cowl for AroundNBrightlyWound but asking my brother to model it was
not the most profitable thing. but it did make him happy as can be which
is far better than money. he hasn't taken it off since monday- except for sleep and shower.
3. of course i found some suitcases to clean and draw on- i can't stop this madness
5. i found myself inside this guitar with my fancy old skool magnifying glass6. i gave all of my family memebers XENOTEES for christmas. not a frown to be found.
collections of animals has never been so cool7. i made another bag. lime green candy apple messenger.
i keep sleeping but still i'm tired. i'm over christmas- the whole production and craziness with no chance to enjoy the moments of life. maybe it's just me? i'm not grumpy about it
i'm just OVER IT!
forget the presents, feed me my family.
hope you all are getting some down time
some quality time
some sanity.
merry happy joy merry go round my mind!


  1. I feel the same way, to busy to enjoy the moment! I gave one of Xenotees tees, and it was a hit! Great cowl, good looking brother!

  2. Rachel, it was so nice to meet your brother...what a sweetie...and LOVE his name!!!

  3. Merry Christmas back yo!

    Your little bro looks so awesome in the pics! and p.s. I have been loving your pics on your store and on your blog...very rad