Thursday, December 18, 2008


today i cleaned about 25 pieces of luggage. i figured i would get them all prepped for painting, upcycling etc. the colors and pieces are just all kinds of joy, though i must admit that it's a bit overwhelming. i have decided to take out one piece at a time so my head can focus on each piece and give it exactly what it deserves.

i'm so super geeked about the new ink delivery i have found so i can get way more detailed in my designs. the bag above was a custom order for a girl who wanted her tatoo to be the design on her piece. it was so incredible to work with my new tools- i just opened the wardrobe to narnia......

next up is a photo i took of hannah- i think she is deep in thought about what GetReadySetGo will have in it's shop come january........

yes, we are all wondering around here- myself included.... how much new? how much old?
well, my crafty hands need to get sketching in my moleskine and firm up some new drawerRINGS. i love black pilot pens extra fine point pens- ohhhhhhh how i drool over them when i sketch!

that's my update. see ya on the flip side guys.


  1. Holy bird decal goodness!!!

  2. Very cool! I could see a "tatoo" line of designs available!

  3. bag is on your blog! so damn cool. i get soooo many compliments and people can't believe what an amazing job you did painting the tattoo!