Friday, February 5, 2010

HELLO, my name is Rachel and i am a Blog Neglecter

..... no seriously. a few of us etsy kids were tweeting about this last night. if there were blog-protective services they would have come and snatched this thing right away from me and put me on the blog-neglecter list. i would never be allowed to own a blog again!

that being said, i have been living life. it's been 29 kinds of rough but as always, i get by and i'm confident in EVERY single thing having its purpose. this is how i sleep at night. this is why i get up day after day and keep trucking. there is so much beauty in this mixed up world. i am fortunate to be able to see it and feel it.

i could go on but i am up at 7 AM!?!?!?! and i have yet to put any coffee into my bloodstream, both things are recipes for a blogging train-wreck!

my friend kristin just started a blog. it's brilliant & you should follow:
Shout out Loud
so i leave you with a link and of course a giant XOX


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