Tuesday, February 9, 2010

crash n burn

ughhhhh. i got nothing done today. where is my mind? seriously?!? i do love the above train case i made last week. and i randomly made an Alice in Wonderland train case that i finished today. it was out of nowhere. i started with no idea and it just morphed.

i could really use a dose of smart pills because today i was apparently fed stupid pills. i suspect they were slipped into my coffee. i have no leads as to who put them there. i have nothing interesting to say but i thought i would try to keep up on my poor neglected blog and show those who read this but maybe missed the green treefingers case in my shop.

i want to live in a room that is painted bright teal and has white christmas lights and the biggest fluffiest bed in the planet. i want this room to look like the crate & barrel magazine i looked at this morning- and i NEVER EVER look at those. but everything was so clean and organized and comfortable and cohesive. my mind is craving all of those things. meanwhile our featherbed needs to be flipped and fluuffed as it's falling down in our sheets and bunched up over the bottom of our matress. i know, i know, i tempt you so with that image.
okay, off to fix the bed and then fall in it.


  1. If you ever need a brain break...visit this wonderful blog...it's like a vacation or the room that you describe... http://afancifultwist.typepad.com/

  2. Omg. Seriously had the same day here. And I looked at the same catalog. Here's to tomorrow, and all of the stuff that we'd *love* to get done. One can dream, right?

  3. Ok you already know that your Alice case has me drooling...but the thought of the room described makes me want to come visit you when you get it all done!! :)


  4. darling dear, you shouldn't be so hard on yourself. we all get burned out or in a funk. just go with it and don't force anything. your body is telling you to slow down, probably. take care of yourself and give your mind and body a rest...

    and the green case is beautiful!


  5. One of these days I want a room that is painted a light blue with white trim with all the furnishing being either white or a natural wood color. Maybe a little rustic but very clean with simple lines. Sort of beach house cozy. OK, that's my dream.

    Enjoy your day dream and your day Rachel! :)