Sunday, July 12, 2009


so last week, i'm losing track of days so forgive me if i'm wrong, in my mailbox there was a tin can full of lids for my spectacular magnetic locket that i ordered from k. cat- as i like to call her- who owns the uber sweet shop on etsy:
aren't they pretty? i was blown away by these little pups. k. cat also included some lids with a few of my FAVORITE photographs that i had shot and posted on my blog. talk about making me feel special.
my house may be a wreck, the laundry may be waaaaay behind & i check to see if i'm still sane at least 5 times a day but in the end it's all good. i've got people in my life that love me lots. some of these people i've never even met.
head over to Polarity,
you know you wanna.
and then hang your locket from your neck or from your red locker.
either way you will be grinning silly!

today is a day for drawing!


  1. You rock Rachel! Thanks for this post girl!

  2. Nice lockets! Goodness, you sound so busy Rachel. Hope you are taking some time off to relax as well. But I completely understand. Sometimes I feel like I am in a race to finish all the creative things I have on my list. But then just as I am finished I make another list! :)