Friday, October 24, 2008

12 Boxes isn't enough....

how do i repay all the generosity? i'm out of breath trying to cover my bases. and my nerves make me nervous, and my nails they get bitten.....

my fellow etsy friends, you know what it's like:
you're scrolling through treasury lists and you see that beautifulllll golden star- your heart jumps a bit- what's inside those boxes? which item from your shop fills one of them up???
lately i've been wanting my treasury box to look like this- where every pane is a cube
i've been making reciprocation lists to no end but i just can't keep up at this pace
all of this pressure i put on myself is running me ragged

i would start a list of the people who have made my days brighter, those who have made 30 minutes of my day a higher- sometimes even an hour..... or 2! but if i start the list i will surely forget. and i just can't bear to leave someone out
i've worked myself up to this.
i wonder if anyone else feels this way?
perhaps these thoughts are mine and mine alone?
my feet are tired from standing, my limbs are sore from leaning
these sleepless nights keep on adding up.

so to all of you brilliant artists:
i LOVE and appreciate ALL you have done for me. please know it does NOT go unnoticed and i'm trying my best to pay it forward.
really, i'm trying with all that i am
but i'm growing weary....

PLEASE listen to my bestest friend ANNIE STELA! she's getting me through right now
here is her newest song that will be on her next abum.
p.s.- the new ray lamontagne has some sweet jams but i think my all time favorite album will always be "til the sun turns black" because never will there be a song that hits so close to home as EMPTY. if you don't know it i strongly advise you have yourself a listen.


  1. Great blog.

  2. For you? I say it will be a NEVER ENDING BATTLE!!! :)


  3. I say dahlin' rest...
    sweet rest is to be found...

  4. Rachel, you are too sweet. Never any pressure from me to include my images as a "thank you". It is such a pleasure to know kind people like yourself and several others on Etsy. The people who you worry about hurting by not including, are exactly the people who don't expect anything other than your friendship. I'd rather see a treasury of items that soley speaks to and inspires you in some way....I mean that with total understanding of how you must feel. I'm so busy, I hardly get to make treasuries!! And therefore, can hardly ever "pay back" those have been so kind to include me and have themselves such amazing shops. I totally agree with Gailobrown....."rest dahlin'"

    -Emiko ;)
    p.s. Annie has a beautiful earthy voice!

  5. You must never feel like you need to pay me back. I just love to include your creativity in my treasuries. You make Etsy Shine.

  6. Rachel, you took the words right out of my mouth.. sometimes I have treasury block because I want to make stellar fp worthy treasuries that repay my amazing etsy friends so the cycle of good etsy karma can continue.. but it's HARD sometimes! I hear ya girl, word!

  7. Rachel

    You have become a great etsy friend along with many others. I agree that a treasury should inspire!! It is great if you can pay it forward once in a while, but great lists it is really all about! Rest and enjoy etsy land!

    Kim aka stylinstuff

  8. It is a tall order, but a happy burden, nonetheless. You've succeeded this time around, so celebrate and relax!

  9. I am glad I am reading you here!!! You are so sweet!