Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Never-ending FUNDS....

okay, so i guess you don't need never-ending funds for these items i'm about to show you, 'cause for how cool they are, they are priced unbelievably well! i guess if i could, i would buy one of each for all my friends and family. that's maybe where the endless money would come in handy.
but enough of my explaining. i bring to you just a sliver of my absolute favorite items on ETSY...

does some of the most mind-blowing things with vintage buttons and i'm a sucker for pendants. i'm not even posting my fav for fear someone will buy it. i plan on purchasing it after i post this blog
shop link for above item:

next up is a seller i fell in love with from the moment i saw her photographs. and then her clothing was equally as brilliant. anyone who knows me knows that red and black are my favorite colors so check out this stunning dress
shop link for above item:

ready for the coolest felted necklace you've ever seen????
not only will this stylish piece lay oh so elegantly on your neck but it will take a simple outfit and turn into a SMASHING one!
by OlliesWoollies
shop link for above item:

these next 2 pieces make me drool.
call them steampunk, noir, whatever- they are fantastic.
the chain on this first piece is my newest jewelry obsession. the weight and dark color is right up my alley.
shop link to above item:

and then the red gem on this beauty with the swallow is vintage inspired yumminess!
shop link to above item:

and last but not least, the staple in my wardrobe, right next to my t-shirts, is this RED hoodie with birch TREES! please tell me how you can even begin to go wrong with this one.... you could try but guess what? i wouldn't believe you for a second!
shop link for above item:

well, i hope you enjoyed some of this eye-candy and i really hope you go check out these shops and support HANDMADE!
thanks for checking in
and now i'm checking out!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Holy MAC.......

in every single way.....
she got here today.
been 6 and some odd years i've been waiting for this day.
and i'm loving my brothers red hi-top converse on my desktop.
oh yes, and i've got insomnia, for those of you who were wondering. it's pretty awful. at least i have 900 and sum odd cds to import into my itunes.
that's all i've got left.
brain dead me

Sunday, February 22, 2009


sooooo, i joined after noelle of convinced me to do so. i am glad she did. there is a wealth of fantastic photography of people all across the world just being themselves and having fun doing it. the last thing i need is another online addiction but when it comes to photography and stylin' it up with your own flavor i just canNOT say no!
here are my 4 "LOOKS" i've posted so far
as well as my lookbook link:

baby, you're a lost cause
baby, you're a lost cause
Guitar and Video Games
Guitar and Video Games
Let's get out of this town NOW!
Let's get out of this town NOW!
Such Great Fierce Heights!!!
Such Great Fierce Heights!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Time takes it all

it seems i get on here when i'm all worn out....
and now i'm quoting the most random of authors for me

"Time takes it all. Whether you want it to or not, time takes it all away, time bares it away. And in the end, there is only darkness. Sometimes we find others in that darkness, and sometimes we lose them there again."
+Stephen King+
time takes in red
lately i keep running into roads
i read about them
i think about them
i dream about them
and i know that in the end there isn't darkness
but sometimes it feels as such
red protection 81
and this red umbrella isn't protecting me from anything.....
you know that saying,
there is nothing to fear but fear itself
i want to pack the past up tight. bury it.
hands in the sands
but my little hands aren't capable
not even 3 pairs of them.
so can't we just kick up out feet
throw back our heads in the grass
lay side by side
and walk this journey together?
letting go
why is it that people have to leave?

Monday, February 16, 2009

she's gonna travel the world....

my sister is here- well, both of them are. we had a fun day of shooting some new luggage and i'm pretty much in love with these shots as well as this case.
i thought i would share.....
Take Me Home NOW {1}
travel the world 2
travel the world 3
travel the world 4
travel the world 1
ahhhhhhhhhh luggage

Thursday, February 5, 2009

sNeakeR GeeKs.....

yes, we are in love with our cool sneakers
with our artistic routines, our bizarre sleeping schedule, our lists...
but her focus and her joy, they are contagious
where would i be without this beautiful friend,
without this stunning shattering light hitting her face
as it sets
in my back yard.
these people are few & you don't come by them often
grab on. hold tight.
dear friend of mine