Sunday, May 10, 2009


i have been thinking about this post for quite some time now but every time i went to write it i just didn't think it was right. recently a few other etsy sellers have sent me some information and photos of other people getting copied by the same person as me and not getting an once of credit for it. so, this time when i sat down to write it all made sense.
below are a bunch of photos.
all the photos on the LEFT are that of different etsy sellers, mostly decal shops.
all photos on the RIGHT are pieces of luggage which pretty much have the EXACT same design and GIVE ABSOLUTELY NO CREDIT to the decal shop from which they stole the image.
take a look:

this next one is a piece from my shop on the left and her's on the right.
when i confronted her about this she responded by saying:
"I did this on purpose so you could feel the same way I did, you add a bird, I reverse the picture and every time you copy me, I will just copy you right back."
now the problem with this is that i had already drawn birds on branches and on wires before- they had sold and weren't currently for sale in my shop. it might have been a good idea to check my sold items before claiming that i stole hers.
the nasty response i received isn't worth writing but the fact of the matter is that she did indeed copy my work and is copying other work as well.

this last little cube is basically a rip off of a decal artist and one of my bags that she combined and called her own. again, work on the left is mine and another decal artist while work on the right is hers.

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