Wednesday, November 5, 2008


so, last week i believe, rebecca sent me a link to this UNBELIEVABLY PHENOMENAL photograph that was on the Front Page of ETSY. here it is.....

it is titled "Sentimental Journey"
shot by the amazing Irene Suchocki
please visit her shop- all of her work is stunning!
here is where the story gets cool.....
i wrote her a convo. just to tell her how much i adored the photograph, being a photographer and completely obsessed with the vintage luggage etc. you can imagine how it went.
she wrote back
it was a piece of luggage she bought from the SHOP- one of the first times GRSG was on the Front Page in July she bought the train case! i have it pictured below. i thought that was pretty darn sweetastically awesome and weird. what are the odds ya know?
anyways, as the saying goes, "what a small world"
and round n round we go.


  1. Wow, what a cool story! She is one of my favorite photographers on Etsy....her work is at a whole other level. The image is very cool, and caught my eye first in your treasury. Thanks for sharing this cool "small world" story!

  2. oh man - I love when stuff like that happens - makes me all goose bumpy! that is a fab train case and I that print has always been one of my favorites by her!

  3. Just beautiful... It all comes full circle!

  4. Oh wow! How cool is that! I'm not familiar with Irene's shop, but will definitely check it out!

  5. That is such a cool story! And that print is amazing!