Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Something's gotta give...

....and something has GOT to change!
there is so much to tell and so much i want to write, there always is. i can't explain it since i can barely keep it straight in my own head.
but it's time to Hit The Switch (sweet bright eyes song)

get ready everybody, big changes coming for 2010.
place your holiday orders sooner than later- pretty please!
it will help to keep me sane unlike last year.

hope to be hearing from you guys soon.....
GRSG out!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Missing the Mark?

i just want to hit the center of that nautical black and red star!
am i missing the mark? i've got too many ideas and i'm feeling awfully indecisive.
it's fall, and i LOVE fall.
i sit in my office with 5 pieces of luggage in front of me
my pen in hand
and i grab one then put it back, grab another
put it back
get up and get a drink of water, come back
my 5 pieces of luggage.
grab one
put it back
grab another
and repeat.

Friday, October 2, 2009

EveryTHING All the TiMe

here is a random video i made. it's abrupt, choppy and the speed is increased. i think it is a good representation of how i've been feeling lately and perhaps gives a peek inside my crazy mind when it comes time to draw........
anyways, that's pretty much it. most all of my artwork is all copyrighted now. circle trip keep your mitts off!